Welcome to KeepaBeat

KeepaBeat was designed and developed by First Aid expert Sam Mackay.

Since the early beginnings the brand has grown to be a nationwide success.

Our aim is to teach basic lifesavings skills to everyone who needs them, which let’s face it is all of us.

All KeepaBeat sessions have been specifically designed to be interactive, hands on and engaging - leaving the learner feeling confident in what to do in the first few minutes of an emergency. 

What do we offer?





KeepaBeat offers a range of courses:

Why train with KeepaBeat?

  • All sessions are designed to teach learners in a simple and memorable way
  • High quality manikins and equipment with lots of hands on practice time 
  • All practitioners trained by Sam Mackay an experienced first aid training specialist
  • The latest knowledge and expertise shared with you
  • A network of support for ongoing advice
  • We are passionate about what we teach, and we feel it is a vital life skill for all
  • Specialised in teaching both adults and children


Opportunities with KeepaBeat

Would you like to run your own KeepaBeat business or join a local KeepaBeat team as a trainer? Joining our team might not only change your life but, teach others how to save a life too!
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