First Aid For Weaning

This session was born during the first lockdown when we were all directed to do our bit and stay at home which meant we had to get creative on how to deliver our sessions.  At the time we were doing lots of work with Charlotte Stirling (SR Nutrition) including live videos on gagging and choking during that all important weaning stage.  The lives were so popular we designed a session that covered all the key elements of what you need to know in regards to first aid and introducing your baby to food known as  weaning. 


The session has developed and is now a 30 – 45 minute fact packed, engaging, interactive live session brought to you via the online platform Zoom.  


Why do this session?

This session is great for first timers, old timers and as a mini first aid refresher.  It is designed to help you feel confident as you and your baby start your weaning journey with all the latest advice. 


Firstly, it’s important to know the difference between gagging and choking.  Gagging can sound scary but is completely normal and is part of the learning process.  Choking however, is a medical emergency and prompt action must be taken to clear the airway. 


What do we cover?

• Gagging Vs Choking

• Choking emergencies 

• High risk foods 

• Preparing foods safely 

• Allergies and weaning 


This session will leave you feeling confident as you prepare to wean your baby.  


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