Junior Medic Training For Schools

We have designed first aid sessions for children in every year group starting from nursery to year 6. 

Sessions have been designed around PSHE requirements but also cover lots of extra subjects.  

Dinky Medics - Nursery, Reception and Year 1

These sessions are designed to teach children through play about what can happen when you are unwell or hurt. 

For many children every time they have visited a medical profession it’s because they are unwell or needing vaccinations. Dinky Medic sessions introduce children to medics that may help them, equipment that they may see when at the doctors or hospital and we learn about how the body works too.

Junior Medic sessions - Year 2 - 6

Learning basic life saving skills can make a huge difference in those first few minutes of an emergency. 

There are 3 sessions available 

Basic First Aid - this is our “PSHE first aid session” - in-line with the curriculum.

Topics Covered: 

⭐ What is first aid

⭐ Staying safe and spotting hazards

⭐ Calling 999 

⭐ What goes in a first aid kit 

⭐ How ti treat burns 

⭐ How to deal with cuts and grazes 

⭐ Bandaging

⭐ Head injuries. 


Resuscitation (Years 3 - 6)

Topics Covered: 

⭐ Staying safe and spotting hazards

⭐ Calling 999 

⭐ Dealing with an unconscious casualty

⭐ Recovery Position

⭐ CPR 

⭐ Choking sequences 

How to use a defibrillator Year 5 - 6 

Topics Covered: 

⭐ Introduction to defibrillators 

⭐ Why do we use a defibrillator 

⭐ How ti use a defibrillator

⭐ Hands on practice 


Mix and match the sessions you offer at your school. 

We have various options available to suit your school. 

Rolling yearly rota - is the most popular option…

Every child will complete all of the sessions above as they move through the school. 


One session one year group - you may choose to focus on the PSHE session “basic first aid” and teach the same year group every year. 


£150 per session (class size up to 30) 

If you book more than one session per visit you will be offered a discount on your booking. 

For example, We deliver a session to one class of year 5 followed by one class of year 6 (on the same day). You will be offered the second session at 50% off. Total £225 for 60 children. Terms and conditions apply.  



How to book:

Find your local KeepaBeat team HERE and see a list of their open courses (make sure you search within "KeepaBeat Ofsted" or contact them directly for further details about in-house training courses.

In-house training can bebooked anywhere in the UK. 

For further information call 07983 853448 or email Info@KeepaBeat.co.uk