Symptom Tracker

When your child is unwell hours can feel like days…

Days start to blur, you can’t remember what day it is or when you last cleaned your teeth!

So the last thing you may remember is how many days your little one has been ill and how many nappy changes or toilet runs have happened. 


Symptom trackers are a great way for you to keep a close eye on your childs symptoms.


You can make your own or download ours. The idea is to build a picture so that if you see a medical professional you will have a record of what’s happened over the last few hours/days if it’s needed 


What things should you track?

We have listed a few below but feel free to add more if they are relevant to your child 


Track the following:


☑️ Temperature 

☑️ Medications 

☑️ Feeds/meals

☑️ Liquids in 

☑️ Liquids/solids out - how many wet nappies or wees/sickness 


Remember, know one knows your child like you do. 


If they are becoming seriously ill seek medical help immediately. 


We wish your little one/s a speedy recovery. 


Team KeepaBeat x 



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