First Aid For Adults

Following on from our award winning First Aid For Parents sessions we have now design a session with adults in mind. 

Based on the same principles as the short parent sessions these sessions have been designed in a way to keep learners engaged throughout. Not only with a fully qualified instructor be on hand throughout to answer any questions but all delegates can get hands on experience with the choking and CPR sequences leaving them feeling more confident with dealing with a real life emergency. 

Who is this session for?

  • Adults
  • Sports men & women
  • Community groups
  • Anyone over the age of 14 Years + 

What's covered?

• Aims of first aid 

• Priorities of first aid 

• Primary Survey

• Adult CPR 

• AED Demonstration 

• Recovery Position 

• Sezures 

• Choking

• Heart Attack 

• Stroke

• Burns 


How long are the sessions?

  • 2 hours

Can I book a private session at home/work?

  • Yes, all KeepaBeat sessions can be booked as private sessions. Find your local KeepaBeat team HERE!