The Teal Project

Halloween 2023 UK


Halloween is a tricky time of year for those living with allergies and intolerances.


Often having to steer clear of trick and treating or parties that might not be safe.


A few years back in America an organisation called FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) launched a campaign called “The TEAL Project”!


The idea behind the campaign was to make halloween safer for those living with allergies and intolerances. 


The Teal Project is a fantastic opportunity to make halloween inclusive and safe for everyone to get involved. One that we hope takes off in UK as much as it has in the USA. 


All you have to do is place a TEAL pumpkin at your door or display a TEAL poster and have some alternative treats that are non-food items at the ready. (examples below) 


Safe Alternatives For Everyone - SAFE


We have designed some posters that you can print off and display at home. They clearly show a teal pumpkin but also the word SAFE (Safe Alternatives For Everyone). Lets get our doorsteps looking teal for 2023 and keep those living with allergies and intolerances safe while trick and treating!


How does it work?


Display your poster for all to see or get decorating a real pumpkin.


Download your poster HERE




Get ready for halloween check list!


✅ Buy non-food treats 

✅ Either print a TEAL Poster or get painting and decorate a pumpkin 

✅ Display posters and pumpkins where everyone can see them 

✅ Take a photo and tag #SAFETEALPROJECT 


There are plenty of non-food items that are fun to have at the ready! Here are some examples...


⭐️ Glow sticks 

⭐️ Stickers

⭐️ Stencils 

⭐️ Pens/crayons

⭐️ Bubbles

⭐️ Toys 

⭐️ Fidget toys 


There are loads more ideas that can be found on the FARE website here


We would really love to see your Teal Project efforts! Please feel free to send us your photos or tag us in your social media posts. @keepabeatuk


Happy Halloween! 




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