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Welcome to KeepaBeat Hertfordshire (and surrounding areas).

Update:January 2022

Workplace courses -

All workplace courses are class room based sessions. 

Blended Courses - You complete half online and half face to face. 

Parent courses - 

Zoom sessions are still available 

Private face to face sessions at your home are now available.

Face to Face sessions at our venue in Ware are now running.  

First Aid For Parents session - £15 - PER PERSON (Zoom) or £20 per person 

• First Aid For Weaning sessions - £7.99 - PER PERSON (Zoom) 


Junior Medic After School Sessions - Select "KeepaBeat Child" and select the school that your child attends. They can start at any point through the term. 


Junior Medic Family Open sessions - Running in Ware first Sunday of every month, you do this session with your child. 


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