KeepaBeat (Kids) Hertfordshire - Sessions for parents and children


Sam Mackay - Founder/ Lead Instructor

KeepaBeat is my passion, and I hope that shines through in all of my sessions and the sessions that are delivered by my team either here in Hertfordshire or else where in the UK. In my spare time I am a community first responder for the East of England Ambulance service and seeing what a difference members of the public and family can make by knowing life saving skills just makes me even more determined to pass those skills on! Thank you for taking the time to visit us here! My team and I hope to meet you in person on a session soon! If you are interested in joining the team please get in touch as we would love to hear from you!

Vicky Hewitt - First Aid Instructor

Vicky joined us in 2016. Vicky quickly became part of the family and has now delivered 100's of home parent sessions. Not only does Vicky teach for KeepaBeat she is also a Lifeguard Trainer and swim teacher!